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Science Awakening Gem

I have 2 4* science awakening gems (my only awakening gems) since a long period of time now. I have only good science champ (OG Hulk at 3/30) who deserves it. Should i

Science Awakening Gem 53 votes

Awaken Hulk & R5 Him
SnizzbarmmmbanyasYotzNanoDroidSpeedbumpKossukoseStar_Lord_StoyvensenStark78AlfabutterskikobobShaheerFIazDuke_SilverSgtSlaughter78VenturaChampioncriticKobster84SNEERVoltolosSplatattack8 22 votes
Save it for Void & Luke Cage/ Red Hulk
NevvBWilljackson16Shynight00Ace_Baltazarvg2782Itay1234212heruheru511Batman_X10nameplasZarakikEthans8279SuperSam57Lt_Magnum_1Icecold2099FixxxRiggs_97Saif_AionToasterNatterBahamutBlaZeN 31 votes


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    St333lllSt333lll Posts: 278
    Save it for Void & Luke Cage/ Red Hulk
    If you have Hulk now he is a good choice. But Rulk is great Duped.
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    crogscrogs Posts: 766 ★★★
    I used my 5/50 Rulk for the first time in the challenge since they did the sizing thing. He mopped up the antman boss nicely. First time I solo'd one of those challenge bosses. For some reason kabam loves to give me science t4c so I said what the heck.
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    @The_Fungi my main team is r5 sw (sig level 83), r4 unawakened blade, r4 unawakened ghost rider, r4 iceman (sig level 77) & r4 unawakened hyperion with r4 archangel, gwenpool n killmonger (all unawakened) as backups so i guess i would hold onto that for now
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    Well thanks everyone who voted as i will be taking my void (pulled from singularity crystal) to r5 after i get one more t4bc
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    Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Save it for Void & Luke Cage/ Red Hulk
    Save it for void, red hulk, or cap IW.

    Cap IW the best science champ I have at 4* (i don't have void ), and his awakened ability is really good also.
    Red Hulk is also really good and having him awakwned will start you with 2 heat charges automatically.
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