Looking for a Map 5x5 alliance

As the title implies I'm looking for an alliance that runs Map 5.

As the end of the season is upon us I've been looking to switch alliances.I reside within North American time zones.
I do have experience with Map 5, the reason I'm looking for one is to improve my roster.
I don't grind arena very much due to lack of time and I get bored of it. But I occasionally do the basic arena.
I'd like to join an alliance that also is at least in Gold I
But the main thing I'd like is an alliance that is active, but also very chill and respects real life comes before the game.

Enough about what I want, here's some info about my account:
  • ~5.4K Prestige
  • ~331K Hero Rating
  • 78 4*'s and about 25 5*'s, and One 6* (Looking to rank them up)

While my rating may be a little bit low I consider myself to be a very skilled player, ask any of my previous alliance mates and they'll say the same. I have also done an initial completion of Act 5 and have 100% 5.1, so yeah pretty skilled.

My IGN is "Team Skull Guzma" if you want to take a look
My LINE ID is gladion18


  • GuzmaGuzma Posts: 18
    Found an Alliance. Appreciate all the offers!
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