Does anyone know how to find out if someone is cheating in your group? My alliance has been ranked down twice this month but they won’t say who it is.


  • MaidrilMaidril Posts: 289
    See who runs fastest. They’ll be closest to a cheetah.
  • CinjunCinjun Posts: 41
    Just trying to figure out other ways. This is the second offense and not 1 player was banned. If someone was inactive (banned) in my group I could easily figure out who it was. I don’t want compensation I just want the person gone.
  • StolenNameGuyStolenNameGuy Posts: 36
    It's insane that kabam feels it's appropriate to punish an entire alliance for the actions of one, but fails to issue a ban to that one? Sounds like protecting the cheater at the expense of the rest of the alliance to me. And don't give me this privacy **** as an excuse. They have no problem advertising who's banned on the forum, so it's a shoddy excuse for in game bans.
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    This is indeed a very tough situation, sadly there doesn't seem to be a proven method to clearly identify and detect, and seems it is against the privacy guideline for a company to call out a cheater, and per the rules the only thing the alliance will face is the point reduction. Tough situation indeed. :(
  • Make1DavidMake1David Posts: 56
    Depends on the cheat. You can usually tell by looking at everyone’s roster to see who has the least realistic champs for their level. You can also pay attention during war to see who has lost 0 hp. I am surprised you don’t know who it is. They are usually pretty easy to spot.
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