Guillotine's abilities, can she get a small buff???

Hi everyone, i know that she is already decent the way she is, but I just realised today that her sp1 does nothing special!Its not even written in her abilities page,so I was thinking this could be the easiest buff to a champion Kabam could do!There are obviously tons of things Kabam can add do it, but even the simplest of buffs would be appreciated and give it/her some more utility!What do you guys think??

@Kabam Miike if you'd like to consider this idea, maybe pass it to the Devs it would be really great!


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    Nope. I think spidergwen’s SP1 needs to be buffed first, at least guillotine’s actually does damage!
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    LeonBeni93LeonBeni93 Posts: 69
    Well i definitely agree Spidergwen needs a sp1 buff/revamp, the irony in this is that even her sp1 does something..gives her evade and critical buffs :p !Anyway, sure there are many champs that would be nice to see them buffed, i did noticed that about guilly's sp1 today and wanted to share my thoughts!
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    @LeonBeni93 I can think of over a dozen champs in more dire need of a buff than Guillotine. She is already a mystic wolverine in a sense with a devastating Sp3 and a useful Sp2. Overall her abilities are solid and as such she’s basic but withstands the rest of time far better than most of the original roster.
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