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Alliance War and a Note about Champion Reworks - Constructive Feedback

With the announcement of Season 3 and upcoming changes to Alliance War, I want to say that I am glad these changes are coming. I think that they are an overall step in the right direction for players, even if many are not happy with it. Sometimes changes that we need, are not necessarily the ones that we want.

Changes to Mystic Dispersion is moving Alliance War in a healthy direction. Prior to Seasons, we saw an unhealthy amount of Mystic defenders creating situations where war was just enjoyable for an incredibly long time. Since the inception of Defender Diversity, the heavy Mystic Wars have subsided and wars have certainly gotten more interesting and in some ways, less stressful. Fatigue from Seasons has really come down to the length of the seasons and the high stakes of AW. The rewards are high and the time invested is long, which puts a lot of pressure on players and alliances to make sure they are not contributing or carrying dead weight if they want to move up.

Season 3 goes a long ways in addressing some of the complaints players have had
  • Seasons are long and require constant grade A performance
  • Season rewards are so high that alliances cannot afford to carry someone who is falling behind
  • Wars being won off sheer diversity - essentially because player RNG with crystals can prohibit some alliances from maxing diversity

Additionally, it could be argued that this helps alleviate some players who have not obtained Blade when it comes to Wars because defense can now stack multiple characters that Blade is weaker against - without any penalty, reducing the reliance on characters like Blade to push through certain paths in Alliance War.

Overall, I think the changes for Season 3 are a step in the right direction.

What Players Need

Another talking point is addressing what players need, especially when it comes to striking a balance to the Alliance War game mode. It is quite clear that KABAM has been making efforts to reduce the reliance on Mystic champions for defense, as well as stacking multiple defenders that are often difficult to play against in AW. Defender Diversity was their solution. However it was not the solution players wanted, nor is it the solution players needed. With the removal of Defender Diversity and the changes coming to Mystic Dispersion, Alliance Wars will find themselves in a similar situation they were in prior to Diversity and sans Mystic Champions. Characters like M.O.D.O.K, Medusa, Iron Man (Infinity War), and even some of the old Mystic Champs are now free to be stacked throughout battlegrounds without any penalty. It is the same situation we had before Diversity but with different players and this is what made the game mode so stale. It had nothing to do with Mystic Dispersion, which was nothing more than a Red Herring

Players NEED more diversity when it comes to tier champion options within their roster. This is the real solution to AW.

I believe the best way to achieve this is through Character BUFFS to improve champions that Summoners already have in their rosters, but are doing nothing more than being assigned to Arena if they are even that lucky. Luke Cage is a great example of a character that has gone from offering summoners no value, to having a role within the game.

Champion buffs/reworks NEED to be more frequent. They improve playable character selection in a timely manner, making improvement turnaround time for game modes like Alliance War much more achievable. The pace at which new champions are released in order to solve problematic game play, is not fast enough. Frequency of champion released are not a viable solution because these champions are bottle necked by low drop rates and hamper availability.

Differentiating what players WANT (new champions) and what players NEED (champion reworks aimed at diversity) is something that is far too often overlooked by both developers and players alike. I think the frequency in which we see character reworks is a pivotal factor in solving common issues within Alliance War and achieving a balance between developers and players alike.
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