This Is Not Good That I Expected By Kabam From Alliance War.

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We All Were Done Perfectly Alliance War Season 2.
60 days Hard Working + Lot Of items Used Rewards Are Just 19k Tier 2 Alpha Shards and just 7k Tier 5 shards ???

I Was Hoping For Do Atleast My 1,5 star Maxedout .I was Just Needed 20k tier 5 shards for doing this but i got Just 7k tier 5 basic by whole 60 days hard work ???
Which mean Another 2 months waiting for Doing my 5star Rank5 ???

5 Star Basic Drop rate also Like a ghost for some great Champions in mcoc now.
Deciding To Focus on my Real life and Going to drop my activity on game Because what you deserve ,You dont get Anyhow From Kabam now.

"Season 1 Rewards were Best .
Atleast i got 32k Tier 2 alpha shards+
19k tier 5 basic Shards"

Season 1 Vs Season 2 Like Sky And Floor.

60 Days ....... Just For 19k t2 alpha shards and just 7k tier5 basic shard.

Wow Great Job That you all done with Us @Kabam Miike , @Kabam Vydious
@Kabam Zibiit and @Kabam Loto @Ad0ra_



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    that's a good pull, I got 1k t2 alpha from each and 1k t5 basic from each of my 6, I pulled the base/worst amount from each. I'd love 18k total from 6, that's 3 times as much as you might have gotten
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    @TheThingsThing Its Not About Piloting.
    We Are 100% Part of Great Alliance.
    And In Our Alliance We Are 100% Perfect Players That i Can say you with 100% Guaranty as A Officer .

    This is what i am share here ,Maximum players taking Lower rewards from season 2.

    Season 2 Rewards were Better that Season 1.
  • IcejrIcejr Posts: 414 ★★
    @BitterSteel Yeah bro Season 2 Rewards Are Droped too much lower than Season 1.
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    Season 1 i got t5b shards, 5* and t2a..... this one was the same as above.
  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    Horrible and not even worth 1 wars amount of units i spent.
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    It's seriously wrong with this RNG on ranking resources, I put in same efforts as everybody else in my alliance and all the other ppl at the same alliance war level. Yet I got 1/3 of what other ppl get as rewards.
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    Is it hard on anyone else to read this? That Capatilization of the first letter of every word is distracting.

    And yes rewards from crystals sucked this time around. And it hurts even more to see MMX and get rewards.
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    finished in masters and only got 13k t5b

    most of the time its 1k t5b now for each war crystal.
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    RNG is bad enough with champions never mind resources. It should be a set amount of t5 basic and t2 alpha shards in the rewards, and a decent amount at that.
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    Join MMXIV, your problem will disappear in no time! ;)
    By being part of them you are guaranteed top 3, and being there, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get 19k t2 alpha shards and just 7k tier5 basic
    so, yeah, problem no more by joining them, good luck
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