Ideas for How Changes for AW Seasons could be Beneficial!

Hello there! I'm Ørigín!

I read the AW season changes notes and watched a variety of videos discussing possible ramifications of these actions. I thought there was a lot of ideas missing in the videos and a lot of content that deserved more coverage. I created this post to provide a space for idea generation of how the current AW season setup could be adjusted to better suit these changes.

As we all know, the length of Aw seasons is being cut in half and the difficulty is rising significantly.

The current system of rewards per war is based on two major things: clearing the boss and exploration. With the adding of a second row of minibuses and the statements from Kabam Miike saying that clearing a map will be a lot more difficult and the focus will now be on exploration I thought some changes to the rewards system were in order.

Participation AW rewards. They are not awarded in full until 80% exploration. A lot of gold alliances cannot reach this now even with a lot of easier fights (defender diversity) and the nodes being easier. I think this needs to change. With the drastic increase in difficulty throughout the AW map in Expert & Challenger these rewards need to be more attainable.

Here is my proposed solution: the new miniboss nodes are being placed about halfway through the map and a lot of alliances will be stopped there, especially if they are facing a stronger opponent. Alliances should receive at least 80% of the participation rewards if they clear the first set of minibuses and move on. This is just a small idea i've got to make this change wrk.

Here are the changes I think are important and worth discussing:

First Change: Kabam Miike has claimed that clearing the war boss will be rare and the focus on will be on attacker bonus. I think there should be an additional bonus for battlegroups that manage to kill theirs. This reward doesn't have to be substantial, but it should exist as a recognition that an alliance was able to do this difficult task. It is an achievement that should be rewarded, especially if it is to be a rarity. I would imagine this reward would shift between the war tiers. I think it could be similar to a miniature AW participation reward.

Second change: Skirmish rewards. The current AW skirmish rewards aren't great. They are a little bit of gold depending on your attacker & defender kills. With the upcoming increase in war difficulty and alliance potion spending there needs to be a way to more affordably obtain revives and health potions for War. A simple solution would be to add glory to AW skirmish rewards so that players can purchase alliance health potions in the glory store.
- with the removal of defender diversity there are going to be more difficult defenders in alliance war and the difficulty of each defender will increase. This means players will die more and lose more health per fight.
- This requires more potions per AW to survive your path and be able to push for the best possible rewards.
- Adding glory will not unbalance AW rewards or gameplay as it will be awarded based on player performance in AW and will be a fair mechanic. The item limit in AW will make it that players still must play their paths skillfully and not be able to use these items as a crutch. This will simply be a way to reward players more fairly for content with increased difficulty. They will be able to try and fight harder opponents to prove themselves.

Summary: Add glory to AW rewards so players have a source of health potions in which to help them clear difficult paths.

Third Change: AW victor and AW challenger crystals! The rewards for these are pretty outdated. I have been playing this game for years and they haven't changed in the entire time I've been playing.

Here's my idea for changing them:
- Aw Victor crystals: add in lvl3-4 solo and team health potions as well as the newly introduced boosts that are exclusive to AW use! These items will make players value their AW victory crystals and they will help players in their attempt to win alliance wars!

- AW challenger crystals: add in lvl2-3 solo and team health potions as well as the above mentioned AW exclusive boosts. (Adding in bits of glory to each could be nice)

These rewards will allow players the opportunity to play alliance wars more and have more fun playing them. A death may cause a slight loss in score, but it will not a be a huge setback that costs a player lots of hard earned units to continue pushing in AW. These rewards will help players avoid feeling burnt out and will allow them to play AW and enjoy it more. It will make AW more of an enjoyable mode of gameplay and will remove some of the feeling that it is a grind and a chore.

To other players: Please leave feedback on my ideas and how I presented them in the replies! If you have ideas of your own please share! That is the entire reason I made this post: to create a place where we could present our ideas to improve AW and AW seasons.

DO NOT leave condescending and rude remarks towards other players or Kabam as that is completely useless and counterproductive. If we don't tell kabam what we want, they don't know what we want. And if we aren't respectful towards each other and kabam then they have every reason to ignore this post.

This isn't a place to debate the merits of these changes and deem them good or bad. kabam has a page for that. This is an generator page for ideas we have to help improve AW. We are getting these changes and it is up to us to make them the best they can be.



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    Right now I'm focusing on how individual wars will be affected and ignoring how these changes will affect seasons. I'm trying to propose solutions for possible negative outcomes that could occur and make this game mode enjoyable.
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