Strong but don't want to be drained by season 3? Join aspiring plat 3 ally and let's figure it out

Have you been competing at the highest levels? Need a season to recover and see how the upcoming changes impact AW play without feeling pressure to spend thousands of units each week on boosts and items? We may be the group for you.

REIGN is an extremely active, well-organized, and rapidly climbing 12M+ alliance looking for up to 3-4 great additions (individuals or small group) to progress with us after the end of AW season 2. Finished season 2 solidly in Gold 1 and looking to compete for Plat 3 in season 3. If you've got the roster and skills to compete at higher levels, but are ready for a break from the pressure and resource requirements while adjusting to how the upcoming changes impact AW then let's figure it out together.

If you're a great fighter and eager to keep progressing while not being completely drained we'd love to have you join our fun, lively, & mature group.

• 5x5 expert in AQ (rank ~1250 and climbing)
• AW 3x per week, Gold 1 in season 2, aiming to compete for plat 3 in season 3
• High ranked rewards in SA every week (6% bracket or better)
• No event mins, but hit final milestone easily in Completion and Item use, aim for t1a in arena, and duels completely optional
• Discord app for coordination & chat

• Uncollected, active, daily grinder (looking for 5500+ prestige, elder's bane a big plus)
• Friendly and communicates well
• Strong fighter, able to clear AQ/AW lanes with minimal deaths/items including miniboss
• Strong defenders
• Preferably US timezones (or equivalent)

• In-Game-Name: SWGOH Mos Def
• Discord: mosdef1981#0118
• Line: mosdef1981

Look forward to hearing from you.
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