Looking for Gold Tier 3 Alliance???

Last season we started season with 2 BG finished with 3 BG finished Silver 1.

Looking to get over the hump this next go around. Here’s the run down.

Line required alliance
6.8M rating currently
Minimum donations required (15k Gold 5k Battle 5k Loyalty)
Great Communication and Structure
AQ 55333 or 55222 during Season
AW aggressive during Season
Currently 25 players, looking for 5. 150k rating minimum.
Semi laid back, no pushy officers or commander.

If interested or want to chat and see if you’re a fit with us add me on Line app or in Game.

Line: Aclark151
IG: Aclark151


  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    Still looking, but the amount has changed from 3 to 5. If there is any intrest contact me in game or on line aclark151
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