Modified Diversity?

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Why must war diversity be an all or nothing metric?

Option 1: Award 30 diversity points for each unique champ placed on defense like we saw in Season 2 (4500 for 3 full BGs) but also allow up to 2 of each champ. If you decide to place four of the same champ, you only get points for 2.

Option 2: Only award diversity points for the first 40 champs. The final 10 don't generate diversity points regardless of who they are.

Option 3: De-couple the # of stars the champ has from the diversity bonus (allow 4*, 5* and 6* versions of the same champ as diverse defenders). Let people use their new 5* champs without rendering their 4* versions worthless.

Either would allow players to focus a bit more on the good/new champs they want to rank up (especially with limited resources), but also limit the MD wars we saw in the past (or the threat of the IWIM/Domino/Medusa wars we're about to see).
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