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I understand the frustration of AW, diversity, lack of resources, etc that are plaguing the boards. However can we gain some perspective on the topic of players quitting. Many say that players are quitting because of this, or quitting because of that. OK news flash - of course they are! Why? Playability? Maybe, maybe not. No one has any actual #'s of course but here is something to keep in mind- there are 50 million downloads of the game on Google Play, Im not sure about Itunes but lets assume 40 million there. So about 90 mill since the end of 2014. Thats about 70,000 A DAY. Some are duplicates of course, but there are web estimates that there are only 1.5-2 mill active users. My point finally is that you cant expect players to play forever, even in the most well managed games. Players come and go for different reasons, and this game "loses" THOUSANDS OF ACCOUNTS A DAY. So can everyone calm down about people leaving? Its just the nature of EVERY GAME EVER. whew, I feel better now.


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    "The problem with this approach, rant, or whatever your post is, is that it doesn’t focus on the clear issues and problems."

    I know, there are plenty of posts focusing on the clear issues and problems, most of which I agree.

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    People leave games all the time, it's a part of the business. Theoretically they should be replaced by newcomers. But if the product is bad, or bug filled, what's the incentive for newcomers to stick around? That's what worries me about the future of this game.
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    Yep im leaving the game as well. Got a ban on my acct earlier during my 2nd path of LOL. when I've never violated any tos in game. Spent over $2,000 in the span of 2 years and got banned for 1 week. Yet alliances that pay for wars get points taken off at most. Funny business structure.
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    Also, just like a gym membership, many who quit will be back. So lets stop worrying about them. If you want change, it starts with the most important thing to a corporation- money. The less they make, the more will change.
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    It happened again. This is sad.

    After the AQ Sentinel scenario - my previous Alliance fell apart, 4-5 people quitted the game. How do I know they quitted for real? Bcos they STOPPED playing MCoC, no longer login, and quitted LINE Chat.

    After the AW season 2 end - I had a few MCoC friends quitted the game too, they are still in my LINE is friend, but quitted MCoC.

    At least I'm glad the alliance didn't fall apart this round. :D
    I'm also glad I'm no longer required to revive starting AW season 3 per alliance direction!
    But sad to continue loosing active and great friends from MCoC.

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