Either Remove Diversity Or leave It

Player1994Player1994 Posts: 527 ★★
If you guys don't want to give summoners at least a rank down ticket per (* ) so they can get back some of the rank up materials they lost because of this diversity nonesense you remove it one some for all .
dont tell us it's going to be back again after we rank up other champs for deefence ( the same champs ).
no rank up yes okey but to loose this like big time and the diversity didn't even last for 3 season . along with those horrible alliance questes rewards ( tier 2 alpha) are pretty rare and i have guys in my alliances who ranked up some horrible champs in seek of diversity.

share the loss with us it's your fault .. not ours .. + cheaters did won a good amount of materials to conquer the next season .. kill us even more yeah good job
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