Alliance War changes.

I have been playing this game for a long time (2-3 years) and I have seen a lot of changes in the game, including the first introduction of alliance wars, but I have to say the route that kabam has been going on the past couple of months regarding changes, fixes, or communication with players has been even more divisive than usual. This most recent change regarding season 3 of alliance war is just a continuation of what kabam have been doing for a while. There seemed to have been no feedback given that was requesting the discontinuation of diversity in alliance war (in my opinion it greatly increased the experience of alliance war), and yet they take it away to once again give us a top defender fiesta in wars that encourages extremely repetitive and boring gameplay. Not only that, but things that the community has given feedback on regarding alliance wars (synergies, to my knowledge, are still not working the way they should) are still not being fixed. And much like other "fixes" they have made recently (archangel's stun "nerfed" and magik's powerlock "nerfed") they seem to only focus their efforts on making fixes or changes that benefit them the most rather than the player. Don't get me wrong imo any bug, whether benficial or not to the player, should be fixed, but the fact that the bugs that are a detriment are take much longer to fix than those that benefit the player seems like they care more about the money they make off of revives and potions than they care about enhancing the player's experience (which would more than likely increase their revenue in the long run with higher retention rate).

I don't only want to say what I think is wrong with kabam in this thread though because that is counter productive, so here are some changes I think would enhance the experience of alliance war and you can comment below on what you think.

1: Fix the stinking synergies bug, I know you say you are working on it but we'd rather this change the meta of alliance war than getting rid of defender diveristy.
2: Either get rid of, or prevent people from BUYing alliance war revives and potions. If Kabam was TRULY focused on trying to prevent 100% exploration in every alliance war, as they stated, this would be the simplest way to do it. Plus the fact it immediately takes away the "pay to win" aspect of alliance wars (on a smaller scale obviously people can still buy better champions if they so choose). This levels the playing field for all alliances and encourages player's skill rather than their spending habits.
3: Please do NOT get rid of defender diversity. As I stated before defender diversity makes alliance wars fun, unpredictable, and strategic. Rather than having to face 5 magiks in a row, I would love to see the creativity employed by alliances by finding just the right node to place a normally bad defender.

Again these are just things that I would love to see as a player of marvel contest of champions and I will look forward to supporting whatever changes are made to help level the playing field of alliance wars rather than make it harder for those that do not simply buy their wins.


  • John7519John7519 Posts: 22
    Completely agree with you. Let’s be a force in changing the game for the better, and help grow the game. Seating is right, time to make our voices heard. Watch his video and take action
  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,404 ★★★★
    Why would a company take away pay to win. They are a business so their first priority is to make more money. I agree bugs need to be fixed but again it's making them money to have the bugs in the game and would cost money to have develpers focus time on fixing them. It's not about the players enjoyment of the game it's about how much they can make off those who play it.
  • JublieeJubliee Posts: 21
    Deflection from them not doing anything to the cheaters
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