Misleading goldpool arena rewards, Pool's Gold crystal refund??

ShadeZeroShadeZero Posts: 145
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I've spent hundreds in units buying gold crystals (though I already have millions of gold) on the hope that I get the goldpool arena ticket. So many people have spent hundreds or even thousands trying to get into this arena on the promise that there would be a big payout of 5 star and 6 star shards.

Kabam Miike wrote: »

Gold Member Arena
Got a Golden Ticket? Because that’s the only way in to the wonderful world of the Gold Member Arena. Running from June 28, 10:00 AM PDT till July 1, 10:00 AM PDT this 5-Star Arena will be paying out big with rewards such as 5-Star Shards, 6-Star Shards and the rare title of Gold Member! The top 200 Summoners additionally walk away with a shiny new 5-Star Goldpool!

This is highly misleading as the milestone rewards contain PHCs, and the normal gold/battlechips/units while the rank rewards are dismal with a modicum amount of 5 star and 6 star shards64viawka1uyn.jpg

I feel cheated and thank goodness I looked at the rewards before spending the rest of my units and my own money to get the ticket. I think a refund of units spent on these crystals is the correct route. I would even give back the gold... Kabam needs to be more transparent and define what the "big payout" promise is in the future.
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