15m 6k prestige ally looking for 4-5 players

Hi The Vault is looking for some great players (5-6 spot left.. 6k prestige )for war season 3

We run AQ 5 all week since our primary focus is war. ( we may do some map 6 in the off season)

We scored gold 1 last season and should be able to continue climbing. We are looking for players that can help us get over the hump. We have about half a BG retiring from the game. Plat will be our goal next season.

I don't ask my players to do Arena or make any event minimums.
( we hit them anyway because our players just care). Players are expected to be in line chat and show up for AQ and War.

The Vault is a relaxed, fun, and competitive. We do silly things like 5* ad 6* crystal bets for energy refills.

Please only North American time zones ( we have enough international players already)

If you want to join a cool adult alliance with the right amount of fun and competitiveness, then give The Vault a try.

No drama, just fun competitive play.

Hollowbandit in game or on line app to apply. The alliance tag is V4ULT if you want to take a look.

Hope to talk to you soon,
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