4600+ Prestige Player Looking For an AQ Focused Alliance (5x5 100%). GMT +7

Hey guys,

I am a player that is looking for an AQ focused alliance with AW being second priority (no items used). I am looking for an alliance that does map 5x5 100% each week. I can clear my lanes fine but I wouldn't call myself a boss killer.

My rating is 400k, with 4615 prestige. I still have no rank 4/55's because Kabam apparently doesn't want me to have a duped 5*. I'll put up numbers for the usual alliance events. I usually do 1.5m in the arenas and the T4B arenas as well.

My timezone is GMT +7 (Southeast Asia). If my timezone can fit your AQ scheduling, hit me up.

Looking for a final home before I call it quits. PM me if I fit your requirements and vice versa.



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