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A different perspective (AQ AW)

wookehwookeh Posts: 147 ★★
Hi. I know I'm not an esteemed member of the community in any form, but I want to share my thoughts and experience, as is my right as a customer.

Man, you really set off the community big time didn't you? Making vast alliance war changes out of the blue. That really upset your crowd.

But they didn't just complain and threaten to boycott. They presented ideas, ways to boost interest and help people. Ways that honestly cost you nothing. But you try to please the mass with an announcement and a very weak apology.

You're correct in your apology. You promised transparency and you don't deliver. It's not your fault here on the forums. You get paid to say or don't say.

But you are the voice of our community when it comes to feedback. Countless posts are deleted here every day because of some rule you decide is broken. This is your community voicing their frustration. Yet you don't listen.

You don't listen until a popular line group initiates a boycott. Then youtube pops on. Then huge alliance families are on board. Suddenly you pretend to listen.

But are you?

Reversing a dumb decision doesn't make you mother teresa. We all still wanted you to take our improvement suggestions to heart. We received a blanket "we don't reply but we are listening" response.

Tell me, oh great forum mods. You get paid to man the forums all day. Shouldn't listening be a part of that job?

Better yet, shouldn't the in game support team take a wild attempt at typing an actual responce instead of copy pasting all of our problems?

The community is upset because you don't talk or listen to them. They ask for rank down tickets because you act like you don't understand your constant changing of the meta effects who people rank up. You BLAMED them for ranking up trash champs.

Yes. You blamed them.

You forced their hand. Can you not see that?

Now you take away their reasoning for that forced hand. Then they get mad. But I bet you are still not listening.

So you were shaken up by a little threat of boycotts. You answered with ignorance to the actual problem.

Listen to what people are suggesting. You could make this game live strong. But you don't respect the users and customers. Only the ones who pay for your bonus checks.

As for me, I made a choice to take a break three weeks ago. But I still listen to your community. I don't even get paid. But I listen.

Give it a try sometime...


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