Disadvantaged Łegion [DH-DŁ] Top 200 AQ 5x5, Plat. 3 Pushing P2

Disadvantaged Łegion is looking to replace some members who want to take some time off. We have spots to fill in our European/Asian region BG, and spots to fill in our N. American based BG. What we are looking for.

•Prestige around 6700
•At least 1 Rank 4 defender
•Must be able to clear an AW line with little to no deaths
•Path 6 experience preferred

Contact me in game, on Line or reply to this post
-IGN: •Łegion
Line ID: Bubba6161



  • Bubba6161Bubba6161 Posts: 155
    Update: Still looking for a path 6 runner for my European/Mideast/Asian time zoned BG. Willing to compromise on prestige/roster if you have the champ(s)/skill to run 6
  • Bubba6161Bubba6161 Posts: 155
    Informative Update: I am still looking for a path 6 runner. Are you that special someone?
  • hang_kimakhang_kimak Posts: 16
    me interested
  • hang_kimakhang_kimak Posts: 16
  • hang_kimakhang_kimak Posts: 16
    id hang kimak..have 5* blade r5
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