Ghost Rider

Has anyone had issues with Ghost Rider not triggering judgements? I have had trouble with him rarely triggering anything, and almost never triggering health steal on heavy. It's supposed to be 80% chance and the last 2 wars it's triggered 1 time out of multiple hits. It has been like this for over a week now. I have another in the alliance saying the same.


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    blak_mambablak_mamba Posts: 46
    Nope, it's called rngesus and you need to synergize him with blade to get the 100% judgements
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    LSDinLSDin Posts: 173 ★★
    .. yah I always roll GR w. Blade ~ for everything
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    TBKlannTBKlann Posts: 68
    Ok, thanks people, but FYI not everyone has a 4 0r 5 star blade.
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    InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    Everyone that matters does...lol
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