Introducing: Peak Milestones

Hello Summoners!

Since the beginning of this year, we’ve been searching for a way to give Summoners and Alliances more lucrative rewards in the modes they already play. Currently, we make use of our Ranked Rewards system, and our current additive Milestone System that grant Summoners rewards for every Milestone that they qualify for.

Unfortunately, the current Milestone system prevents us from giving away more meaningful rewards, as the total sum of rewards Summoners can earn is quite high. To improve on this, we’re introducing our brand new Peak Milestone Rewards!

Peak Milestones are a hybrid of Milestone Rewards and Rank Rewards. Peak Milestones will still reward Summoners for hitting a specific Point Total, but will only reward Summoners and Alliances the highest milestone that they reach at the end of the event, instead of as they pass milestone thresholds.

Confused? Don’t be! It’s simpler than it sounds. For example, as you and your Alliance are gaining points in an Event, you’ll be able to see all of the rewards that are available in the Mode, and what points you need to reach that threshold. You’ll rack up your points, passing Milestones, and at the end of the Event, receive the rewards for the highest Milestone that you were able to reach.

Why do this? With Peak Milestones, we’ll be able to get rid of Rewards Brackets for some of our events (not Arenas, don’t worry!). Peak Milestones will allow us to tailor different rewards to different ranges of Summoners, but not cap the rewards for any Summoners or Alliances that want to push further. Additionally, because you are not collecting rewards along the way to your Peak Milestone, we are able to give more targeted rewards that Summoners have been after, like less Low Tier ISO and Catalysts for more experienced Summoners!

Where will you be seeing these? Not every event or game mode will be adopting the Peak Milestone system. We’ll be starting with some of our Alliance Events, but more prominently, they’ll be used in Alliance Quests! To find out more about the Rewards Update to Alliance Quests, as well as some other changes coming at you very soon, check out this post here.

Questions? Comments? Ask them in our Discussion Thread here.
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