T4cc changer

So I thought to myself what would be a good constructive post for once lol and I have noticed this for years. I definitely wish rdt was more viable in the game. You know with how fast paced the game is and how every resource is precious. I know this is never going to happen but should. So I wanted to change your mind on a new point. I have 12 cosmic t4cc with literally no intention or even anyone worthy of ranking up and every time I get one I’m sighing and just watching it leave my account without any use. I would like to rectify that and add in a new system you can change that catalyst to a different one. So for example 2 cosmic changes to 1 skill catalyst. I would like this to happen and it should happen. Your strangle holding progression with diversity we had to change rank ups with your fiasco of changing it then changing it back a bunch of friends and myself included almost were going all in on top defenders.this would also help the people such as myself who are stuck at a mid tier level to profess slightly further. It’s a system that would benefit both sides. You take 2 from us and give us one we want. So there isn’t a whole lot of one sided reward. It wouldn’t make dreading getting a science or cosmic like a chore or some kind of defeat long war. Lol like to get some opinions on this
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