New milestone structure

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Sorry guys noy sure i understand why you do away with the achievement rewards as you reach them so you can gove out "better rewards" this is like Bush saying, "Yes we are sending jobs overseas but we are going to get new higher paying jobs!" What jobs did we get back? Servers, steel workers and coal miners! Who is dumb enough to buy this? It is just one more way of reducing our inventories so that at some point we will come up short. Why couldn't you just add more achievements beyond where you stopped? "We are taking away all of this! But we are giving you something better! Alphas!"


  • RapRap Posts: 2,471 ★★★
    I agree with Seatin, alliance events should be "no spending" making it pure competition, last man standing! No buying a boost as a last resort or a revive for one more attack...what you have in inventory and no more...but like that would happen!??
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