Monthly Event Quest - Energy and Master Mode Entry Requirement Needs to update

Dear Kabam,

It was so good this months Deadpool Event we got direct access to play Master Mode, for those players who are above Level 40, its super super boring to play Herioc Mode 1st to qualify for Mastermode, Heroic Mode take huge energy and time to finish it off. The problem with heroic mode for those players who are above Level 40 its not challenging anymore then why we have to do Heroic. It is my request to give experience players direct access to Master Mode on every Monthly Event Quest or at-least reduced the energy requirement for Heroic it should be 1 energy per tile for all chapters in Heroic Mode.

For me as a player playing Heroic is just waste of time. I dont find any fun in Heroic Mode its not challenging.

I hope so many MCOC players would agree on this.
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