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World alliance recruting - Chill & fun for season 3!

Alliance tag - W0R2
Alliance name - World Alliance ReBorn

Hi guys,

We are a solid group of ten people working great together, but looking for strengthen our ranks.
AW: twice a week. AQ : map 3 and 4. SA every two weeks.

Line app needed, add me for more informations: elkalla

We accept all timezone (we are from all over the world: USA, Europe, Australia...), for players level 45 or above with motivation and good sense of humour!



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    Mister_FaceMister_Face Posts: 24
    What are your alliance treasury donations?
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    ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
    We gave 25 000 gold, 2500 loyalty and 2500 battle chips every sunday.
    We are now 12. Still looking for players!
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    ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
    Already 14 players. Who’s next?
    Still looking for members :)
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    ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
    Come on guys, season 3 is in few days. Don't you wanna have a great time and good rewards?
    Add me one line or in game (elkalla) ;)
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    ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
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