Feature 5* crystal

I have wasted a total of 500$ this last couple of months on FGMC ( I know it’s not much compared to others) and I want to illiterate that the drop rates a trash. Didn’t even pull a 4*, but I want to suggest an idea. Can we bring back the 15k feature 5* crystal as it once was but with a limit? For example, we can purchase the 15k shard crystal for same drop rates as before but with a 2 limit purchase. This helps so that you won’t have people hoard 90k shards to have multiple tries. It also lets people who can’t afford to buy 90k units worth of FGMC. I mean everyone deserves a equal chance to get a new 5* with out spending a ridiculous amount of units whether it’s arena or FGMC.
Just an idea.


  • EvilEmpireEvilEmpire Posts: 639 ★★★
    Even if we had a limit of 1 pull per feature that would be better than the current system
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