Who to rank up?

BttraditionBttradition Posts: 40
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Currently the rank below what is stated

Who to rank up? 24 votes

R5 4* duped Archangel
danielmathvg2782SMRkaGAM3RGUYLeandroW10ShadeZeroShaheerFIazSpiderCoolsxananabananaSaif_AionFLYERSeimzillaAkarsh383shadow_lurker22ItsTheBroskiNoob2435hope4tgAnthinhoSyndicate_A 19 votes
R3 5* unduped goldpool
SpeedbumpRikuremaChampioncriticFhfjghhggggjfhfjgCaptain_Horizon_200 5 votes


  • AnthinhoAnthinho Posts: 241
    R5 4* duped Archangel
    Goldpool isn't even that good
  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 604 ★★
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    R5 4* duped Archangel
    Goldpool is a trophy. AA is a god tier champ that deserves to be ranked up
  • ItsTheBroskiItsTheBroski Posts: 453 ★★
    R5 4* duped Archangel
    Goldpool is a trophy champ, this was probably the only time you will be able to obtain him. With that being said be happy you have the trophy and spend your units on someone that can do you some good! AA is definitely needed in certain parts of this game.
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