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Goldpool Arena

I sent Kabam a ticket about Goldpool Arena, explaining that some players had Advantage against others because of the mainetence.

They answered me that all the players were equally punished by the mainetence. I really think that's a lack of respect, because it's clearly wrong. Different timezones is the thing. They closed the ticket before I was satisfied. They could have waited foor my answer.

Most, like me, didn't even try to grind because of that, and, afterall the cut was low.

I request here a 5* goldpool sent to everyone who had a golden ticket.

We are not players. We are not summoners. We are customers. Give us our rights.

Best regards.


  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 348
    Very much agree. I spent every unit I had on the golden crystals and tried like heck to get a Goldpool. I’m making a Deadpool Awesome Force team and really need him! With only 200 players getting the top champs it isn’t fair to all of us that can’t spend every second of the day playing. Some of us have to work!
  • RonildasRonildas Posts: 63
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