7,000 prestige looking for ally



  • ctp1223ctp1223 Posts: 265
    @Ricky_Bobby75 line ctp1223
  • Hey,

    If you’re still looking we would like you to consider us. 5x5 aq and finish just shy of 125mil. Gold 1 and we are happy to be there. We’re laid back and understand when life gets in the way. IGN and line are the same as above.
  • TobalitroTobalitro Posts: 7
    Well, this clearly got out of control! Lol anyway, we are a fun multicultural alliance, gold 1 looking for very active players, you might be too good for our level, but we do have a few guys that can one shot bosses. Hit me thru line @ tobalitro
  • MC1111111MC1111111 Posts: 88
    LINE: mattcarna

    The Office
    Gold 1, 5x5
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