Join, Helltown Soldierz!

DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
Mandatory Stuff: We are a 1mil+ with 12 members Aussie/NZ based alliance. 70k minimum rating. Top 4 champs must be a 4* 4/40+ or 5* 2/35+.

Duels: 650
Item Use: 2k
Completion: 15k
Summoner Advancement: 10k

AQ: 3×5 for first week. We will do map 4 (and probably 5) once we have 20+ members.

Line app is OPTIONAL for communication in AQ and AW. Please leave line ID or name on alliance chat so we can add you.

AQ is our highest priority. Failure to follow instructions or inactive for 1+ days will result in a kick. We understand you have lives. So if you're busy or not going to be active for a while, please let an officer know.

Alliance tag: thcch

Remaining spots: 18

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