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Looking for a retirement ally. No map 5 aq but at least tier 3, plat 2 in war

7k PI
Can take care of my own lane in aq and war.
Line ID: leo.brz


  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    Tired of AQ 5x5? But still serious about AW? Well then, you are in luck! I have started a new semi-retired alliance for the Elite Warriors, for those with 5000 prestige or more.
    Join the Elite today!

    Who are we? We are the [EWØTB] Elite Warrior øf the Battlerealm!

    About us:
    - Heavy AW focus
    - AQ map 3x5
    - NO donations
    - NO event minimums (participation is appreciated)

    About you:
    - 5000 prestige
    - at least 2 5* at R4
    - Active in AW
    - Able to clear paths with little to no deaths
    - Great communication
    - Line required

    Contact if interested.
    Ingame: Andlow94
    Line: andlow1
  • Leo_ruLeo_ru Posts: 90
    Still looking
  • Leo_ruLeo_ru Posts: 90
    Still looking
  • ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
    Hey man!
    Check for W0R2 (World Alliance ReBorn), we are recruiting.
    You can also add me on Line App (id: elkalla) ;)
    We do map 3 and 4 in AQ, and AW twice a week, but you don't have to do both, or anyone if you wanna retirement.
    We are open for all players, serious or chill. Contact me if you're interested!
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