Why is Karnak is so bad, and how to fix him

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Karnak is almost a good character. His True Strike would give him really great utility in AW and make for a fun attacking option with a high skill cap (thanks to needing to keep your combo to maintain Focused), but he has a critical flaw: damage. He just doesn't hit hard enough to be really viable in AW, even as a 6*. This is bizarre, since you'd think if you play him flawlessly he should be very effective with that massive critical bonus from Focused. His damage is terrible because of one thing: his crit damage rating is abnormally low (152%). This really hurts his viability, which is too bad, because it would be a lot of fun to see more diverse AW attack squads. If you even see a Karnak in AW, he's just as likely to be a 3* synergy monkey for Medusa than being brought for his own value.

This would be very easy to fix, and need not make him overpowered, just viable. Either 1) buff his base critical damage into the range of 180-200%, 2) add some critical damage to Focused, 3) update his synergy with Black Bolt to give him crit damage. This is a very small, very easy change that would take a character with great potential and make him a really fun and viable AW attacker, and give us more interesting options (with high skill caps) to bring to AW attack.


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    he hits like an actual wet noodle. I am almost astounded at the low level of damage I'm getting when I crit with him. And I just duped my 5 star yesterday. Lol. He desperately needs just a bump in damage output and he would be a fine champ with some utility. It would be an easy fix. So by that logic I'll wait until a year and a half before maybe possibly seeing anything change for him. lol.
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    As a person whose top rated champ is a duped 5* karnak, I totally agree. IRF is useless if two of the champs involved in it are considered to be bad picks.
  • I agree that he deserves more. His true strike duration should be on par with Killmongers and not dependant on a special 1 that sucks and leaves him open to be pummeled. I say do away with focus, and give him a decent chance to armor break with specials, and a sig ability that grants him increased crit rate/damage when the opponent is suffering from armor break.
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