Top 350 AQ, gold 1 AW alliance looking for 1 or 2.

We were plat 3 for a lot of last season until we missed a War. That dropped us out and into gold 1. We searched for over 2 hours. We don't harp on alliance events much, only expect good participation from everyone in item use/completion. We do 5×5 and are tier 3-4 AW. My Line ID is my name, contact me if interested!


  • AjTodayBAjTodayB Posts: 325
    Our day 1 prestige is 6.4k+ looking for around the same. Will accept only a little lower if you have elite 5* defenders! zsl404ggcsw5.jpg
  • AjTodayBAjTodayB Posts: 325
    Could be looking for 1 or 2 more if they are the right fit. Contact me if interested
  • AjTodayBAjTodayB Posts: 325
    At the end of AQ week we are able to swap some people out, contact me if interested
  • AjTodayBAjTodayB Posts: 325
    Could use 1 more replacement. Must have good offense and defense
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