Isn’t naming every team in an alliance ||||| against the spirit of the game?



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    Oh. Thanks for clarifying that only your opinion matters. Lol.
    I did not say that only my opinion matters, what I say is that you can also write or think different but do not try to convince us that this is fair.
    it is ingenious? yes, it is
    Does it gives an advantage in war? yes
    Does the current rules allow it? yes
    Do you change your in game name to "IlIll" for some reasons other than in war gain? No (99,99%)

    It is obviously a method to have an advantage without having gained it in the game.
    Do not offend our intellect please.
    Okay. I’ll stop as soon as you stop trying to convince us that it’s unfair.
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    Yeah, still waiting to hear back on my thread about discussions they were supposed to have had on this topic.

    Hope it gets resolved soon!
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    To some this might be just a game... To others, THIS IS WAR!!!
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    To some this might be just a game... To others, THIS IS WAR!!!

    Quite literally yeah...
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    Good catch!!! It started with "1" and "l" ... now someone followed the foot-steps with Chinese characters, next we shall begin to see something similar in Korean letters? Japanese letters? Arabic? Jawi? Persian? Greek? Telugu? Sanskrit? Khmer? Thai? Tibetan? Hebrew? Tamil? Sinhalese? Tifinagh? etc?...
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    Ummm...exploiting is an act of taking advatnage of something thats not in line of its original purpose that gives u an advantage over others and/or with a negative intent.

    1) Name change was not allowed to gain a competitive advantage over others. But, now its being used as so.
    2) Clearly those that are doing this have done it with a clear intent - take advantage of a loophole.

    Clear exploit against the mcoc design and its players.

    Comprehension is very useful. He gave a definition of exploit as utilize and I said exploit isn't the same as utilize as when interchanged the sentence has a different meaning
  • The more important question is why do, the OP, think for one second that either the top players or even Kabam themselves, gives two **** about “spirit of the game”?

    Kabam has and always will care about ONE thing...the almighty dollar. And the top players/alliances have proven over and over and over again...thru multiple ban waves...that they will do ANYTHING to stay atop the leader boards.
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    Spirit of the game ? What's that ???? It's lost all integrity a long time ago. Pilots, collusion, 19.0 debacle, etc., There is no spirit here, just demons.
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    It’s not an exploit but kinda deters from the meaning of the game. Imagine if everyone was named |||||||. It’s just an embarrassment that Kabam allows this. Now I know why they didn’t want name changes before. Abusers like this
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    It is so obviously against the spirit of the contest that it seems odd to have to ask. If one alliance can scout top potential defenders and the other cannot, the first alliance has a decided advantage provided by something that has nothing to do with legitimate gameplay. If you’re ok with this you should have no issues with piloting and modding either.

    This practice needs to be stopped, or all defender profiles need to be hidden.

    You are putting name change and piloting/modding in the same boat. that's ridiculous.

    If that boat is named the U.S.S. Unearned Advantage, then yes. That was the point.
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