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Fantastic Four

Have we ever got an answer as to why the FF haven’t been added?


  • ShadPrinceShadPrince Posts: 842 ★★★
    Maybe it’s just because it hasn’t happened yet

    Got no idea if it’s related to rights or anything, but that’s more likely
  • GorofaizGorofaiz Posts: 56
    Maybe because FF not that popular nowadays. I believe if there is good movies about FF, they must be crazy not to include FF anymore in the game...

    Maybe they just waiting for the "right" time or the right momentum to release it i.e: a movie!
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 21,018 ★★★★★
    Marvel tried to bury everything FF4 so they could get back the movie right. Included comics, and their likeness everywhere else. They are bringing back their comic though later this year so there's still a possibility.
  • SkuncSkunc Posts: 39
    Human Torch would be pretty BA
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,638 ★★★★★
    They'll get to it eventually. Too busy working on new versions of Iron Man atm
  • Sirnoob2Sirnoob2 Posts: 289 ★★
    marvels been boycotting f4 video game wise last devs that tried to implement it(msf) were told they couldn't use them

    from what I read future fight try to go ahead and add them without consulting marvel in the past and marvel stepped in and told them remove them
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