Helpful v19.0 Bug Info -Admins Please Read-

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I have also been experiencing issues since the 19.0 update. Accelerated temperature increases and full springboard crashes(not application crashes, but springboard crashes as others are reporting). In all my years owning iOS devices I have never witnessed a third party app that had something so wrong in the release build that it managed to actually crash the whole springboard. This is a serious issue. I’ve looked at my logs and there are several logs indicating ‘JetsamEvents’ which are related to low memory. These logs specifically note Contest of Champions(marvelbattle) as the largest process running at the time of the event and are dated starting on the day the update was released.

It has been fairly obvious since the introduction of weather that the memory demands of this game are increasing constantly. The game can’t even be suspended in the background in most cases without the iOS killing the background process to free up memory. It seems that the resource demands of this game are getting out of control. So much so that the performance problems are becoming a widespread and constantly growing issue.

As far as these most recent performance issues(chronic and accelerated overheating and springboard crashes) they are most likely caused by overtaxing the CPU/GPU. Probably mostly the latter. @Kabam is it possible that the new pause/buff info screen is coded as such that it is constantly running in the background in order to be able to immediately pull down buff information to be displayed at a moments notice if paused? Is it possible that that could be constantly taxing the CPU/GPU and causing the excess heat and crashing? Might be a place to point the game team as it’s one of the few significant user facing changes made to the game in v19.0.

I’ve attached screenshots of the logs and I’ve posted this in the “New 19.0 update phone problems“ thread as well. Just wanted to make sure it gets seen by an admin and passed along to whoever it may help in diagnosing the issue. Thanks.


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