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Terrible Lag Needs to be Addressed

Can the new lag issue be addressed and noted in a separate thread than the one in April. It’s a lot worse and the game is unplayable for myself and others in my alliance. It needs to be a top priority. Having players utilize energy and pots when we spend money on this game for issues like this isn’t cool.


  • StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
    I have found lag returning as an issue again. Not consistent as to when, but it make fights much harder.

    On the brightside its not as bad as we have seen before, but i agree that at times its close to unplayable.
  • Hey guys, I’m sorry to hear you're experiencing lag when playing the game, and I understand it can be frustrating to have to use resources because of something that's out of your control. Rest assured, we take feedback about performance issues extremely seriously! We want everyone to have the best experience possible when playing the game, and anything which prevents that from happening is not good for anyone.

    To try and address the issue of lag, we're carrying out an ongoing investigation, and in an effort to keep everyone's comments more organized, we created two dedicated threads and a bug reporting template. These threads prevent the Forum from becoming cluttered with unnecessary discussions, and so for that reason, we really would prefer if everyone could confine any feedback about lag or performance issues to just those two threads for the time being.

    Links to both discussions have been provided below and the bug reporting template can be found on the first page of each discussion.

    - Android lag and performance investigation.
    - iOS lag and performance investigation.

    We carefully review and appreciate all feedback that's provided in those threads as they are paramount in allowing us to establish any generalized or widespread issues. Additionally, the device details we gather there are essential in allowing us to carry out relevant testing whereby we try to identify the cause of issues and potentially even come up with suitable ways to resolve them.

    While we may not have made as much progress as we would've liked in our fight against lag, this is an ongoing battle, and it's not one that we're ready to give up on anytime soon. I'll go ahead and close this thread now, however, I'd like to thank you very much in advance for any contribution you can make to either of the discussions linked above!
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