iOS iphone 7 Several Problem

Hello guys, now you really got over with this update. In addition to bug and crash the game in every att, now you are breaking the whole cell phone. My device is overheating, buttons have been disable, souns turn off, and iOS crash and restart everytime. I already deleted the game and tested it for hours. Its no Apple or iOS. Its you.

I think a lot of people here are having the same problem, are you going to fix this, or continue with the excuses?

I'm playing just the basics, just a few minutes to help my alliance. If your product srew up or has already damaged my device, will you give me another one? Can you give some attention to that?

And now Alliance Quest lost all the brackets.... LOOOOOOOOOOOL You must be kidding. Well, that another story...

You really fail this time.


  • Thank you for letting us know. This is currently under investigation by our Team. We will be posting updates here as soon as they become available.
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