Need advice on what to do here. Input would be appreciated!

Time to reach out to the community. I’m really stumped at the moment. Here is my situation. To give you an idea on my t2 alpha situation i have cleared 5.4 100%. Also 5.1 100%,5.2 70%,5.3 50%.i am not a big spender so buying the t2 alpha packages are out of the question. I currently have 4 rank 4 5* on my roster. They are ghost rider (unduped) Starky (unduped) Angela (unduped) Rogue (sig level 130). Now I just duped my Medusa, she is currently rank 3. I would really like to take her to rank 4 but I only have 6 t2 alphas left. When I complete 5.2 and 5.3 completely I will not have the t2 to rank 5 a champion. So on that note what would you all do? I can take her to rank 4 and wait for the t2. I also complete uncollected quest and could purchase them from glory store. I can also keep her at rank 3 and hope I get a cosmic gem from to take her to rank 4 from completing act 5. I’m honestly stumped and don’t know what to do. I was hoping to get some insight from the community. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • ctp1223ctp1223 Posts: 290
    Do LoL with starky. He can handle it. Do you have any tech gems? Awaken him. With that many rank 4s you can get into an alliance that places in the top 600-800 or so and can get more map 5 and a few map 6 crystals.
  • Thanks for the responses. I did decide to hold off on Medusa don finish act 5 completely. 5.2 is almost done and 5.3 is halfway. 5.4 is 100%. I was in a higher tier allaince for a long time. I joined a smaller one to take a break,work on act 5, and help others grow. I had a lot of help when I started so I’m paying it forward. After some more research it seems that stark at r5/65 handles LOL path without much trouble. After seeing this,speaking with others and looking into LOL runs I have decided to hold off. Wish me luck on my journey! And thanks again.
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