Overheating & Crash Issue - Update

Hello, everyone!

We understand just how frustrating this issue is for you all, and can assure you that it is our top priority right now.

We spent the weekend testing a new build that we were hoping would resolve this issue, but after extensive testing discovered that it does not fix or reduce the frequency of the issue Summoners are encountering. We are currently focusing our efforts on reviewing additional solutions that may reduce instances of the crash.The issue appears to be compounded by the fact that what many players see as one problem, is two individual bugs: a crash and an overheating issue.

We are hopeful that this latest round of updates will have an impact and be something we can move forward with. If this turns out to be the case, we will likely extend testing to members of the community to determine wider success. If that is deemed to be successful, we would then push it live to all Summoners.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available, and realize that in some cases our updates on this matter don’t come as quickly as you would all like. We want to re-emphasize that this issue is our top priority right now, and we want nothing more than to see it resolved. We are also trying to be mindful of providing updates when we are certain there is something specific to say.


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