Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

My Suggestion:

wookehwookeh Posts: 147 ★★
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Yes the game is addicting, but when it comes to the point that their very expensive mobile devices are breaking just to play the game- some are calling it quits.

We can still join AQ/AW. Speaking of which, I know some big alliances are running 2* wars just so no one is forced to break their phones to participate.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I had a suggestion to fix this issue.

Ever heard of a popular PC game called Grand Theft Auto? It is a highly taxing game to run on your computer, so much so that if you don't have the latest and greatest, you can't even play on max settings. They have a solution so you don't fry your processor.

Graphics options.

Why do iphone users have rain during some fights when android don't? Give them the option to turn that off.

Why does the galaxy background move when I make slight movements? How about letting us turn that off?

Why do battle grounds move in the background during a fight? It's pointless. Let us turn that off.

Why stop there? Let's adjust the frame rate. Would definitely help those of us without top end devices.

If it's too complicated to give these options, take a page from GTA... they have a slider in their options menu. Lowest runs lowest settings. And gradually increases to maximum settings.

We are all addicted already. We don't need so much flash. It's a mobile game. We would rather play than be filing insurance claims on phones that are breaking for normal use.

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    WiMakWiMak Posts: 359 ★★
    Totally agree
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    drgarbonzowitzdrgarbonzowitz Posts: 21
    edited July 2018
    Moving backgrounds are pointless. No one is paying attention to shooting stars or rain when they are busy trying to win a tough fight. The game is pretty, but approaching unplayable. Let's take a second and measure what is more important.
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    wookehwookeh Posts: 147 ★★

    Quikshot breaking it down for you. See? People are talking class action lawsuits. Listen to us!

    Kabam spice edited my post... that means that you read this suggestion and you didn't acknowledge the issue or take the suggestions into consideration.

    Come on. You delayed AW so you can fix stuff. But what happened to transparency? Let us know what the progress is. Some of my good friends have already sold their accounts and quit.

    Just please consider my suggestion. Save your company, save the community, save your reputation. You are a business. Think about your customer. Think about the repercussions of bad design.

    In other words. Communicate with us. People have exploding batteries, swelling batteries.

    Xbox had a fire issue and fixed it immediately.

    You, kabam, just ride the wave and hope it goes well.
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    wookehwookeh Posts: 147 ★★
    Btw: thanks kabam spice for editing my title. It used to say "people are quitting, this is my suggestion to prevent it"

    Guess we don't want to scare the community
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    Anything for the game to actually work properly again.
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    Ravenrob_33Ravenrob_33 Posts: 120
    100% agree well said and good suggestions
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    I think this option could really help quality of gameplay and improve user experience. Great suggestion @wookeh !

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    Ol_BarceOl_Barce Posts: 42
    Frame rate was the explanation Kabam used when they silently nerfed Drax. They can’t roll it back now.
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