Overheating is not happening on only Apple devices

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Running a pixel 2 over here. I don't think the problems I'm experiencing are anywhere near as drastic as some reported, but my phone is hotter than it's ever been and the battery is draining at 3x the normal speed when playing the game.


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    Galaxy Tab E. Haven't had the same issues. Thankfully. It's summer here, though. Hard to tell if it's overheated or just warm. I feel like I would notice if the heat was as bad as what's been reported.
  • Asus zen pad 8.0 overheating and mass battery draining
  • spaceoctopusspaceoctopus Posts: 1,111 ★★★
    Also causing the phone to not work well overall. All apps load slowly, or freeze. Switching between open apps is a major chore now. This has never happened before in my time with this phone.
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    Yeah I have a pixel 2 XL and and iPad mini 4. I really can't play on the tablet, the phone does quite a bit better but if I try to do some grinding it gets pretty warm and the phone starts acting goofy. Apps won't work right and so on. This isn't purely an apple problem.
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    I cant tell because the game just crashed again.... but I woke up after charging my S8+ all night, which always comes back to 100%, fought a single match in AQ, that I was able to squeeze in and looked to find my phone at 82%. Not crazy warm but I found it unusual as my phone never drops battery like that
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    S7 edge heating up significantly. Again, not as badly as iphones, but it is still heating up nontheless
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    i got a pixel 2 and it gets warm pretty quickly after playing the game for a minute or two. it doesn't overheat though, but i did notice an increase in phone temp after the update.
  • @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit would just like to know you are aware the heating issue is not only effecting iphones
  • Samsung Note 8 here, experiencing over heating as of this morning.
    I don't know if anything in the game changed in the last 24 hours or not. But my game overheating just barely started this morning.

    I take this very seriously. I am immediately contacting Samsung as they will probably like to know that there is a piece of software that could potentially turn their devices dangerous.
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    Can we get a update of some kind @Kabam Miike have wasted alot of items/units because of these problems
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    In order to keep the forums more organized, please post any reports of performance or overheating issues since the 19.0 update in the open, merged thread about this issue. This goes for both reports of problems on iOS and Android.
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