Forum ban wave?

so recently one of my alliance members got banned on forums. he did not get any warning like you usually do, and from what he told me is that he just created a thread about his phone overheating, causing his phone to break and asks kabam to pay for the damage. sounds reasonable to me tbh. but he also told me many others also got banned from forums. so here's my question, why do you guys ban him without giving him a warning or a proper email telling him why you banned him? The only message he got from one of the awesome mods was "this topic has been covered already and no need to create more threads." that's it. and hes banned. could use an explanation from you mods. I don't think he deserves this. thanks!


  • ShadPrinceShadPrince Posts: 826 ★★★
    Well, I don't think he can reasonably ask for Kabam to pay for his device
    Any damage done is probably going to be seen as his fault because he decided to keep pushing his device
    As for why it was deleted, well, there definitely are enough threads in the forum
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