AQ Needing 3 per BG to open next BG... Why?!?!

Gday Mods. We’ve noticed that along with the obvious normal tier kabamity in AQ this week there has also been the issue of once again reverting to needing 3 members to join a BG before the next one will open.

This was rectified many months ago but seems now to have reappeared. Will a fix be issued? Along with one hour timers this is seriously impeding our enjoyment of this once great game. And this area was not addressed in any recent announcement. Cheers


  • Couldn’t agree more .
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,133 ★★★
    yes, please fix this as well .. hopefully just a code push can put it back to only requiring 1 battlegroup join to open the next battlegroup.
  • GabbrosGabbros Posts: 157
    They prob rolled back some settings to find out wtfs wrong with these crashes and overheating.
  • synergy247synergy247 Posts: 285
    Fingers crossed guys. Current state of game though has me and a lot of guys I know quite concerned. Lags and crashes are rife. Connection issues etc etc. Almost like a Ghost in the machine... no way I’d risk arena streak or micro realm. 30 min timers should be permanent
  • its been awhile since ive been there, but i believe normal tier never changed from this. it changed in the higher tiers. so its a side effect of everyone being in normal tier
  • synergy247synergy247 Posts: 285
    Yeah that’s entirely plausible
  • pd187pd187 Posts: 26
    It's not actually a bug technically by itself. When they redid the brackets, they made it so Normal bracket needed 3 people, Advanced needed 2, and Expert needs 1. Thus, when we all got moved to the Normal bracket, we all need 3 people to open up the next BG. Personally, I always felt it should've been reversed in order (Normal needs 1, Expert needs 3).

    However, and I don't think they covered this in the peak milestone announcement, it was never explained how the peak milestones would affect this. If we're all in one bracket then is it 1, 2, or 3 people to open the next BG?
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