Regarding overheating and lag issues on iOS and Android devices

Overheating issues on iOS and Android

Just to let you know I may have found a simple temporary fix for the lagging and overheating issues alot of players are experiencing. I've done some extensive testing and have got a android bug report and screenshots demonstrating I could only play upto 23mins before my phone was getting too hot to use.

Anyways rather than me ramble on the fix is simple for the user until kabam can release a patch. Just placing phone into power save mode helps alot I have been able to play game for over 2hrs with no issues instead of 23mins.

To do this;

IOS 9+ (iPhone only as iPad doesn't have option)
Settings - battery - enable low power mode
Settings - control centre - customise controls and then add low power mode widget.

Android version 7+
Settings - device management - battery - mid power saving
Pull down notification bar and tap the battery icon with a triangle in middle of it and select medium power saving.

Once enable it's recommended to reboot device and if it's hot at time enable allow device to cool for few mins.

Failure to allow device to cool may not give desired fix as at present the game is allowing devices to get so hot the Os compensates by thermal throttling the CPU sometimes to the point the phone freezes or runs very slow. This can only be rectified by allowing device to cool down for at least 30mins

This has been tested on several devices and confirmed working in my alliance




  • D3F_L33D3F_L33 Posts: 5
    Awesome!! I’ll try that later thanks
  • Christian899Christian899 Posts: 88
    Power save mode. Interesting. Thanks bro, I’ll definitely give this a shot 👍🏼
  • iamtheboosttiamtheboostt Posts: 26
    I still lag with or without low power mode ...
  • D3F_L33D3F_L33 Posts: 5
    What phone have you got iamtheboostt
  • Mini_GrMini_Gr Posts: 31
    That may be server side not phone side lag because I've tested on iPhone 6s to iPhone X and the results have shown overheating non existent in low power mode without low power save mode the phone can overheat to point it to hot to hold with 5.32 mins (I used stopwatch)
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 427
    Didn't work on mine..
    15-20 minutes in still gets incredibly hot..
    Only on the mcoc app..
  • JohnyzeroJohnyzero Posts: 21
    Didn’t work for me. Made lag worse and still overheated. Couldn’t use any other apps afterwards. I’m on iPhone 7
  • Mini_GrMini_Gr Posts: 31
    Did you reboot device and allow it to cool down fully?
  • iamtheboosttiamtheboostt Posts: 26
    What i did to stop over heating as followed...
    Fully logged out of MCOC
    disabled Game Center
    I then did a hard reset
    NOW... that’s stopped over heating..
    To deal with the lag I then downloaded iOS 12 beta
    And at first it was so fast & perfect (never had the game so smooth)
    BUT after the emergency maintenance
    My game became very choppy on wifi and off wifi

    - a couple people have stopped overheating
    - But some still experience it after doing what I’ve said
    - I am on iOS 12 beta / iPhone 6s
  • iamtheboosttiamtheboostt Posts: 26
    Now the battery draining.

    iOS 11.4 is experience a problem with battery life it’s been confirmed by other game players
    And basic iPhone users.
    I wouldn’t totally direct battery draining on V19.0 mcoc ..
    even iPhone users with 11.4.1 still experience battery draining
  • Drummer829Drummer829 Posts: 100
    From what I understand you need to disable EVERYTHING for it to work slightly better. Bluetooth off, low power mode, location services off, and even cellular data off. Having cellular data off actually keeps people from distracting you. But still, no reason you have to go through all of this trouble to play the game for over 20 minutes
  • GhaniGhani Posts: 2
    Since updates to 19.0, my phone on ios 11.4 is suddenly force close and balck out during playing in arena..please fix it this issue prior continue this game..thanks
  • Brt07Brt07 Posts: 4
    We have post a lot of things about this issue, but have you heard anything from Kabam? They don’t even care. This is their mistake they should be the one finding the solution. It’s been 9 days after the 19.0 update. Since this issue come out they erase delete most of the post or closing the discussion right away. Kabam we need result we need you to be with us not to ignore us. You have tones of IT expert working with you, I guess if they work on this it will be resolve in a few days, but now it’s been a week. Hopefully You can give us Update.
  • Ajjohnsbb8Ajjohnsbb8 Posts: 180
    My iOS is fine, it takes 2hours to get remotely hot
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 104
    D3F_L33 wrote: »
    This is a bloody joke now!! My phone is officially ruined!! The whole point of getting a decent phone was to play this game. Now it’s messing with my phone. I’m deaf! I NEED FaceTime!! To communicate with my family and friends. Now I can’t do that properly!! I’m fuming!! If I find out that it is definitely kabams fault, I will be looking for compensation for a new phone!! There was nothing wrong with my phone before this last update! And silence isn’t helping kabam!! The fact that they are aware of it and haven’t made any attempt to let ppl know that they’re at least trying to deal with it. I’ve tried everything and my phone still overheats. I’m actually gonna go to Apple and Get a confirmation on to who is actually at fault!!

    If your car is overheating, do you keep driving it down the highway?

    Of course not.

    Same with the phone. If it is overheating, then stop using it for a while.

    Nobody is forcing people to play the game, just use some common sense, and if the phone isn't working correctly, take it to the Apple store for warranty work.
  • D3F_L33D3F_L33 Posts: 5
    I’ve been to the apple store. I’ve had my phone replaced by apple. The problem is still happening. I’m gutted! I do enjoy the game hence my outburst! However kabam can’t care as there’s been no responses from them. Even an acknowledgement that they’re aware of the problem. And considering how wisespread this problem is, I’m disappointed! That being said, I do hope they’re trying to do something and not just laughing at us.
  • MninobodyMninobody Posts: 119
    Well it is normal to blame the crack dealer for the addiction lol. The game is addicting for many and that should be recognized and realized so these thoughts and fits of rage will come out. Kabam has mentioned several times they are working to fix it. Their iPhone player base is huge so I am sure they want to resolve the issue as quickly as they can. I for one would rather wait and allow the fix to actually be a fix instead of them throwing something out that isn’t working. I am always extremely hard on kabam, hence my avatar in jail lol. But allow this fix to go through and hopefully we are back at our addiction. My play has went down 90%, missed on multiple arenas, SA score low, no revives ,units, shards of other crystals. It is worth waiting and getting it right. I just hope kabam recognizes the loss of individual and alliance rewards and items missed during this time.
  • thiazolethiazole Posts: 32
    Is anyone else's audio going mute about 20 seconds before the overheat/crash occurs? At least this warning gives me a chance to shut the game down.
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 90
    edited July 16
    Mine does. That is when I stop playing, force close the game and reboot the phone. I have to play without the case too so I can get the t4b arena done.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 87
    Turn to low power mode is not always are the upgrade to iOS 12 public beta
    I just hope such "options" won't be treated as official fix, otherwise it is just to fake players
    Other new joiner may see this as an option to try but at your own risk (esp for upgrade to iOS12 public beta)
  • I have a iPhone 6+ running iOS 11.4.1 and my phone is still getting hot. When is this going to be fixed. There better be some damn great compensation.
  • When does Kabam plan on fixing this issue. I’m really getting upset. It shouldn’t take this long.
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 427
    Mrs hairdryer set to full power zero heat..
    Pointed straight at the back of the phone..
    Got 2 hours play out of it..
    No overheat and No shut down..
    (Not exactly a great solution but hey it works lol)
  • Rfmn10Rfmn10 Posts: 21
    Kabam, undo this July update. My device has 2 months of use and its battery is not lasted as it was before the July patch. Go back to setup for June and start things over. You are putting the game and all its player base against you. If you do not mind, prepare for a stampede ...
    Moto Z2 Play
    Android 8.0.0
  • Josh056Josh056 Posts: 94
    Rfmn10 wrote: »
    Kabam, undo this July update. My device has 2 months of use and its battery is not lasted as it was before the July patch. Go back to setup for June and start things over. You are putting the game and all its player base against you. If you do not mind, prepare for a stampede ...
    Moto Z2 Play
    Android 8.0.0

    I completely agree with this. I’m the leader of a family of 3 alliances. I’m regrettably calling it quits after this aq cycle. I’m already losing at least one officer and several members in my alliance and some from the others. All due to the current state of the game. It has become unplayable and unenjoyable. I have witnessed this game go from the funniest thing I’ve ever played to the most stressful thing in my life. Sucks that all the money spent will just be a waste. But it is what it is. Please do something to make this enjoyable again. Hopefully in a few months I will pop back in and things will be better. Maybe not. Who knows.
  • My iPhone 7+ (128gb w/ current non-beta iOS) would warm up, all apps would freeze, and I’d have to do a hard reset after about 15 mins.

    I noticed my old iPad didn’t have any of these issues, then I tried something on my phone and it didn’t overheat.

    AIRPLANE MODE with WiFi activated

    My ancient iPad is WiFi only, so no cellular to worry about.

    I honestly think the “cellular” turned on affects it for some reason. Airplane mode with only wifi worked perfectly for me. Plus on iPhone you can still receive iMessages on WiFi. Please try it out and let me know if this works for you, because it worked for me. I normally play for about 15-20 minutes and my apps freeze. On airplane mode, I played for over 45 mins and it never froze, warmed up, or killed my battery.

    Good luck fellow summoners!
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