AW Mini Boss Node 30, Cornered Powergain Despite No Debuff

Faced a meph in war today and noticed on multiple occasions he had 300% cornered power gain despite no debuff. My only guess on this is it appeared to happen after he cleansed a debuff with machosim (or whatever it’s called, 5% health gain when they remove a debuff). It was as if despite debuff being cleansed it still triggered cornered power gain as if it was still present.

This is making an already somewhat stupid combo of buffs on a mini boss even more stupid. Please investigate the interaction of cornered and machosim. If broken just remove one of the buffs and you can kill two birds with one stone (fix bug and make node a bit more manageable)


  • VTA92VTA92 Posts: 374 ★★★
    Node 30 is all kinds of messed up. Worse than that AW boss bode.
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