How I Fixed My Overheating iPhone

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Going to put this here to help folks try to resolve the fix until Kabam solves the issue on their end. Mods please DO NOT merge this into another thread where it will help absolutely noone by being buried among hundreds of posts.

You have to follow these steps. You're more then welcome to try it on iOS 10.3 or iOS 11.4.1 but its not guaranteed to work if you do. Feel free to let us know if it does though. Once you confirm this works for you feel free to turn on your game audio and see if your phone stays ok.


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    Oh hi! Working great. Try it
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    Another day. No fix. Here’s the work around tho! Latest report is an iOS 11.4 user even did this and it worked. He had one phone reboot after 2 hours but no overheating. Imagine that. Your phone isn’t restarting from overheating it’s restarting from lack of memory paging files.
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    Another day goes by and we got confirmation of this fix working on an iPhone 5s. So far only phone not working with it is the 6SE. I also went to my ladies house and used an alternative charger with a regular Apple cord and it overheated again. Just more confirmation you need a regular Apple charger for this trick to work.
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    Just got even more info from someone. They could not stop the overheating ..UNTIL..they made sure their phone was plugged in BEFORE they turned it on. Just another little tweak that may resolve it for even more folks.
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