Extreme disappointment

KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,042 ★★★
I really feel that we are being cheated by the stated AQ bracket fiasco. We were ignored for days, no clarification was made, we got defaulted to lower maps due to the glitch, and therefore lost many points and ranks. This was an epic fail on Kabams part, both in execution and communication. It’s obvious that they have not listened to us players, and that exemplifies their respect for us.

It may be time to try to recoup as much of my investment as I can. I’ve already decided to leave my 3 year leadership position in my alliance and if our ranking is lower than the average of our last months rankings I’m going to take a break, heck, I’m already on a Kabam imposed one right now anyway due to the constant crashing due to over heating and other issues accompanied with this.

I wish I could say it’s been a good ride, but there have been too many cases of being taken advantage of to say anything good about the game besides the friends I’ve made. I can’t say I’m shocked, this recently closed thread is a perfect example of kabams SOP.

Good luck to everyone, hopefully the fix things sooner rather than later and own up to these issues..

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