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Scarlet Witch is very broken.

She hardly crits at all, and at sig 70, she generated 7 buffs in an 88 hit fight. Kabam please notice this and correct.


  • NewmikeNewmike Posts: 3
    I really wish they would fix that. At least give her the ability to stun chain or revive like she used to.
  • Viper013Viper013 Posts: 88
    Yes..her buffs r very some matches there wont b any buff or debuff at all
  • Tmasters1984Tmasters1984 Posts: 451
    I have noticed she procs less in Map 5 and AW then in event and story quests.

    I suspect there's some kind of expert tier modifier or something meaning she hits 0s more often in those modes.

  • Bearz_RuleBearz_Rule Posts: 47
    You guys just gotta know how to build the right team... I agree she hardly crits at all and BW is the same way, but with the right team, you can make those crits count.
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