Compensation in the form of discounts

How about offer some reduced shard crystal costs or discounted unit packs. It would be a win win. For Kabam and the community due to the recent issues preventing acceptable gameplay. This is a constructive post, please do not close it.


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    4th of july deals part 2, lesgooo
    but instead of mevelous 5* make it..marvelous 6* crystal
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    Then what to do with f2p players
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    Honestly.. After all of this its on kabam who should give us something, because they already make alot of their costumer disappointed. If they make us have to buy something to get 'compensation' it will make people angrier
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    GAM3RGUY wrote: »
    Then what to do with f2p players
    Reduced crystal Shards are free. Also maybe reduced gmc’s etc.
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    Over the last two weeks, Kabam has had two enormous failings, in my opinion. 1) Unclear or untimely communication. The initial announcement that diversity would be removed from wars was a mess. It was rolled back a day later with a promise to do better. Despite that, we saw days of silence during a messed up alliance quest where summoners *repeatedly* asked mods for clarification. The mod's statement was poorly written, as evidenced by the number of people continuing to pose questions. No one could be bothered to check back in for DAYS. We didn't need an "update." We didn't need a "fix." We just needed a clarification, and Kabam failed miserably. Watch how easy this is: "We are still actively working on a solution to this week's AQ issues. There have been questions about our previous statement, and we want to clarify that you should expect the appropriate rewards for your results based on the bracket you are supposed to be in." Here...I'll try again. "To avoid any confusion or frustration while we work to resolve this issue, we've removed map costs for the week." That's all it would have taken at any point in those few days.

    2) Kabam nickel-and-diming the player base to deplete resources in subtle ways. Kabam told us brackets would be abolished. Some of us relied on that statement, then brackets returned and we were demoted for not doing well enough in a contest that we were told wouldn't count. Now, we're getting lesser rewards in this broken AQ no matter how well we do. Remember discounts in the glory store? Kabam canceled them, so now you're paying full price for these items while dealing with the fact you have *no* incoming glory during this AQ. Because you have no glory incoming, you might even be spending units to get through AQ and AW maps. And when you do get glory at the end of this AQ? You'd be foolish to spend it, because you might not get any during next week's AQ. The end result is that you can't accrue rank-up materials because you're hedging against Kabam's uncertain distribution of rewards.

    Kabam looks at compensation as transactional. "You would have earned these, so we will give you these." What Kabam doesn't account for is the cost of their failures for goodwill, loyalty, and engagement in the game, or the additional cost that delays inflict upon users. I hope they do a better job in the future than they've done with this.
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    I’m not paying for the privilege of compensation. I don’t buy extra things when I return something to the store for it being faulty. The store and/or manufacturer refund the cost and sometimes give extra. It is the same as having bad food taken off your bill and then being given a coupon or free dessert or somesuch. You don’t pay for it.
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    I see now how Michael Bay movies still keep getting made.
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    Lol. Compensate us by tempting us spend money. Classic. There has to be a term for this...sounds something like Stockholm Syndrome - but economic in nature.
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    Raganator wrote: »
    Lol. Compensate us by tempting us spend money. Classic. There has to be a term for this...sounds something like Stockholm Syndrome - but economic in nature.

    I think they call it “Player Retention Stragety” as they chomp on some carrots...
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    if by "discount" you mean Kabam giving us all iphone 8 plus's or iphone X's for 50 cents..... sure.

    Or 6 star generic awakening gem and 200 generic 6 star sig stones .... for 25 cents ...I'm down with the clown.
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    Oroku_Saki wrote: »
    I see now how Michael Bay movies still keep getting made.

    I don't know how I missed this on my first read. But I think this is my new favorite forum post. Thank you @Oroku_Saki
  • why do you need discount compensation when we can have a 2 star champ compensation package.
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