Kabam Support - what's the point?

Foreword: As always, please try and keep any responses to this constructive.

I raised two tickets recently about the overheating, and the ridiculously random lag and jumpiness I've been getting. For the former, I got an instant response closing my ticket and telling me that due to the number of complaints about it, I wouldn't be getting a reply.

For the latter, I spent time making sure I'd checked all the forums and FAQs first for resolutions to my issues, then spent more time filling out the cut and paste list of questions you get asked for any reported issue - which came from a different 'adviser' than the one who sent me the initial cut and paste. The irony of wanting consistency wasn't lost.

Your team's response to my time spent trying to help? Another cut and paste, generic message - clearly from a menu of responses you send to all of your customers, regardless of the issue they have. As an added slap in the face, you close my ticket without first asking. No discussion. No attempt to resolve. Just bland platitudes that serve no purpose other than to irritate me, and tick a KPI box to say you've resolved an issue in under a day.

Are my expectations of being treated as a valued customer too high?

I hadn't contacted Kabam's support team for a while, and today I realised again why I stopped bothering.


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